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Detailed descriptions of properties allow a good preselection. Prior to an inspection we can provide additional high resolution pictures and more information about the (online) casino.

Casinos for Sale – Casino Listings

Casinos for sale, something to consider or would it be better to leave it to the big boys?

Believe it or not, nowadays everything is for sale. Solid products you can hold and use but also goodwill, names, idea’s; things that can’t be literally touched, and even casinos are for sale! Although we must say, casinos are a special kind of investment. Why you ask? Because if you know what you are doing, you can make a lot of money! There are a lot of different casinos for sale all over the world. You can look at land based casinos close to your home. This way you can use your knowledge regarding the needs of local people; your people.  If you are an online entrepreneur, it might be a good idea to consider buying an online casino!

Online Casinos

There are many online casinos available, and maybe you are the next online casino owner! The fun thing about online casinos is that you can make it your own. You like a vintage theme? Pick an online casino with a lot of vintage games! You like the glitz and glam of Hollywood?

Pick an online casino with red carpet events and glamorous Hollywood themed games. Make sure your website and customer service is available in multiple languages. This way your online casino is playable all around the world, so don’t be surprised when you have players from the US, Brazil, Alaska or other countries in the world. Everyone is welcome in your casino, so make sure everybody feels welcome.

Casinos for sale, land based casinos and online casinos. This website will be updated regularly. If you have any ideas or questions, please feel free to contact us.  You will only be provided with detailed information if you are a serious buyer. We look forward to hearing from you.

Casinos for sale online

Because of the confidential nature of the casino industry, the internet does not contain actual photographs of live casinos or casino hotels to protect their privacy and security. Most sites that advertise casinos for sale do not give you the complete details before you sign a receipt of non-disclosure and confidentiality.

Are you planning to buy a casino?

Regardless of the physical location of the casino, it does not matter as long as you have the resources to purchase it. Various sites will inform you of changes in the industry, including mergers of casinos, sales to other individuals or entities, or updates on acquisitions.

If you want to buy a casino on sale, you may wonder if it is better to leave the process to the big boys or consider purchasing it yourself.

These days, everything is for sale, even casinos. It does not matter in many cases – apart from solid products that you can hold and utilize, there is also ideas, goodwill, intangible items, names, and even casinos. However, many understand that casinos are a unique kind of investment, because they can generate a lot of money for you, even passively.

Worldwide Sales

Throughout the world, there are many casinos for sale, and you can explore many options depending on the result you want and what is most convenient for you. For instance, if you are majorly on the internet, you can purchase an online casino, while land-based casinos can be a good choice if you do not want to move too far from your home.

All the casino options at your disposal have their own advantages and disadvantages. For instance, online casinos are convenient enough for you to customize them easily and make them your own. However, you need to ensure that the site is available in various languages, or else possible international customers will not feel welcome.

This website will have regular updates regarding the various casinos on sale, including online casinos and land-based casinos. In case of any queries or ideas, we are available on a 24/7 basis so you can have the freedom in contacting us. The process of buyer verification is strict, and buyers receive detailed information only when we verify that they are genuine buyers. Therefore, we are eager to conduct business with all potential buyers.

What we deal in

As we state above, you can choose several options when you want to purchase a casino, depending on your needs and what you want to do with it. For the price range, you can get any casino in the range of EUR 0 to 1.5 million EUR.

In this regard, we deal with several casino types, which include:

  • Cruises and ships casinos
  • Online casinos 
  • Sports and betting casinos
  • Land based casinos
  • Other types

For total slots, the options are currently:

  • Total slots
  • Ten slots and more
  • Fifty slots and more
  • Seventy-five and more
  • Others

Table games options:

  • Total table games
  • Five and more
  • Ten table games and more
  • Fifteen table games and more
  • Others

The latest casino listings

Properties that are on sale need descriptions that get into full detail, and this allows for a good pre-selection on the buyers’ part. Before any inspection, we can give you additional high-resolution pictures, as well as more information regarding the casino itselfs

Online Casino Buying Considerations

The potential to expand – it is possible to increase the language support, as well as adding a variety of games, sports books, and slots. The trading hours are 24/7, making it easier for customers to reach support easily no matter the time or day they need it.

Why sell the casino? – The goal is to sell a business that has the potential to expand, therefore making it act as a worthwhile investment. New owners do not require prior experience, and will only take advantage of the customer base and Net Generated Revenues (NGR).

Items to note

We keep and maintain a global cut sheet of both online and land-based casinos for sale. Please note that you need to contact us in confidence for questions on any listings.

The requirements that you must fulfill before requesting for additional information or clarification include:

  • NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) or a Confidentiality Agreement that all potential buyers must sign
  • We only allow qualified buyers to ask and bid for casinos, and that implies that we vet all potential buyers thoroughly
  • You must provide us with any information that may help in verifying and vetting your identity

We will only give you further information regarding possible sales once we determine that you are a qualified buyer. We therefore look forward to hearing from you.

Application for variation of licenses and purchase of casinos

Among customers and potential buyers, frequently asked questions may include how we process buyer applications.

The Gambling Commission considers some factors as they look at the application. There are five basic areas that it covers, which are:

  • Financial ability – the financial status of the applicant, both present and past, are relevant to the application. This includes other circumstances that are relevant to this area, such as the resources that the applicant requires to carry out all licensed activities.
  • Identity of the client and ownership – is usually the first step to confirming the individual in question. In the case of an operating license, this requirement is even more important.
  • Integrity standing – the client must be reliable and trustworthy enough, and the Gambling Commission conducts any investigation to make sure the client is trustworthy enough to own a casino.
  • Criminality – this relates to the issue of integrity. There is thorough investigation for the applicant, and finding out whether they have any criminal records that are relevant to the application in question. In this case, information from other government departments (and oversees regulators where possible) is also utilized in the process.
  • Competence – any experience, history, expertise and qualifications of the applicant is up for investigation, depending on its relevance to the application.

For any more information on the processing of information contact us

Customer service contacts

Casino for Sale

Email –

Website –

You can also find us on various social media platforms such as Google+, Facebook and Twitter.


Casinos for sale has a high level of dedication to ensure excellent customer service, expertise in the industry, as well as great dedication to detail pertaining to both sales and marketing of various casinos in the market. In addition, the page will receive frequent updates, so ensure you are a registered user to avoid missing any important updates.

Latest Listing: Growing Luxury online casino

This upcoming casino is open to buyers from all states or counties in the UK and Europe, and is a cruise ship casino that has a land casino base as well as major transactions on an online basis.

It has a current customer base of 20,000 customers, so it is a good opportunity to purchase your own operational luxury casino. In addition, it has an increasing NGR (Next Generated Revenues) per day, and more information will be available once you pass through the screening process.

The price it is going for is currently under EUR 100,000, with the property Id as 121 and the official year of establishment as 2010. It has three major games – scratch cards, slots and blackjack, with 75 slots and more, as well as 15 table games and more to satisfy even the most demanding consumer.

What do you include in the purchase?

  • A customer base of at least 20,000
  • A domain name – fully functional
  • Future net generated revenues
  • Customer relationship management, including reports and summaries
  • Affiliates and related networks
  • Full software support
  • Full service support
  • Content management
  • Tools to help in data analysis
  • A customer support system that is active and efficient
  • Social media pages that receive regular updates, while maintaining a large follower base
  • More than 1,500 games available, and caters to demanding customers as well
  • A unique luxury design

You may wonder the requirements of keeping the business operational, so this includes:

  • Proof that you are the holder of an updated gaming license, or a sub-license
  • You can run the business from home, as it does not require prior experience
  • Customer support must be active

How the business generates revenue

The casino makes money through legal means in the following ways:

  • Affiliates and their associate networks
  • Multi-currency payment systems
  • The gaming base – the site offers a wide variety of virtual games, more than 1500 games and live casino services
  • The customer base that is fully established

Possible expenses for the casino business are game providers’ share dividends, PSP and bank fees, as well as revenue shares that belong to affiliates.

Most of the marketing goes towards affiliates, and the future owner of the casino can enhance the business through addition of more games, facilitating greater language support and adding sports books and lottery opportunities. The new owner can accomplish this when it is necessary.

Queen Casino

EUR 4,500,000
Queen Casino is located in centre of Bucharest, Romania, inside the Sheraton hotel.  The casino has an excellent re [more]
Queen Casino is located in centre of Bucharest, Romania, inside the Sheraton hotel.  The casino has an excellent re [more]
1,300 m2full info

German Border Casino

EUR 4,500,000
Casino German Border, Czech Republic  This Casino is a well established Casino and has been open for 10 years with [more]
Casino German Border, Czech Republic  This Casino is a well established Casino and has been open for 10 years with [more]
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New Online Casino 2019

EUR 230,000
This is great way to start your own casino online! business with an internationally recognized e-gaming license and [more]
This is great way to start your own casino online! business with an internationally recognized e-gaming license and [more]

Online Casino For Sale

EUR 90,000
This is an ideal solution for you to start your own online casino business with an internationally recognized e-gam [more]
This is an ideal solution for you to start your own online casino business with an internationally recognized e-gam [more]

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